Posted by: Kate | February 16, 2008

Chipping Away

I spent some time yesterday doing a few housekeeping things to the blog; moving the endless Archives and Links lists to their own page up above, categorizing more posts, moving all of my own knitting patterns to a single page, that sort of thing.

While I was in the neighborhood, I decided to stop by my 100-things list and check in.  Some of the things, I’ve slacked off on, simply because I forgot.  Reading the Top 100 Books and seeing the Top 100 Movies, for instance – we’ve purchased a lot of bargain-bin cheesy ’90s movies recently, most of which are decidedly not on the list, but it seems like somewhat of a trend.  So I’ll print out the list and put it in my purse, so that I’m a bit less aimless and more culturally advanced the next time I find myself in the movies-for-sale area.

Likewise with the books, I’ve bought several recently and might actually read them this time.  Slowly, crammed in around a billion other distractions, but I want to read them, which is a step up from my prior state of apathy.  But I show up at the bookstore and wander aimlessly, so I’ll print out that list and put it in my purse (gonna be a busy pocket, there, because I already carry a wine list!).  We’ll see.

Just this past week, I stumbled upon a babysitter; she’s been here before and I like her, but I thought she’d graduated and moved away.  Turns out, no, she’s a senior this year, so we may be able to get a couple of months out of her before she escapes.  And I’ll be smarter this time, and get some recommendations from her, before she disappears.

We now use cloth napkins – homemade, no less – at every meal, and a roll of paper towels has suddenly gone from a weeklong investment to a several-month commitment.  Not to mention that I had a good reason to drag out and use my sewing machine; I’m no seamstress and have no current aspirations to be – my only serious interest is in quilting, and this house is just not big enough for that kind of project – but I love my sewing machine and it makes me happy to use it on simple, non-intimidating projects.

I’ve lost about 10 pounds since September – actually a bit more, I think, but I’ll wait a bit longer before checking.  Whatever the number is, I’m at a point where I won’t be horrified to consider this my “pre-pregnancy weight.”  The knitting donations have been plugging along, with a bunch just sent to Hats for Alex, a blanket on the needles for Project Linus, and an idea brewing to start my own winter-items-drive for the state psychiatric hospital.  More on that later.

So, it’s happening.  I’m not sure that having the list has actually motivated me to do anything I wouldn’t have otherwise done, but it’s fun to keep a tangible record of my goals and progress.  Now if I can only get Willem to finish his list…


  1. All in all, pretty darn satisfying, you ambitious person, you. A very nice redistribution of things important from the sidebar, like me, for example and the knitting and, that other stuff. 😉

  2. You can make quilts in your house, I’m SURE. I made all of my quilts either in a 2 bedroom apartment, or a 2 bedroom townhouse that wasn’t much bigger.

    Yay for you!

  3. I agree: you can do the quilting! Start small, with doll wuilts or something akin to that, and work your way up to bigger. If you’re not a puurist you can even send them out for the actual quilting, done at a shop with a long arm machine.

    You have re-inspired me to make cloth napkins! I bought a ton of fat quarters awhile back with the intentions of making some and never got around to it, but now I am going to go back and get it done. I’ve been using my great grandmother’s tea napkins from her bridge circle til now, and it really does cut down on the paper use.

    Yay for losing weight, too! Now hurry up and get pregnant, would you? I am looking forward to some vicarious living. Kidding, of course…take your time and enjoy the, erm, process.

  4. Hah, you enablers you… but really, I would have to pack up and put everything away every time I took any sort of break, because my only work area here is the kitchen table, and the people I live with like to eat. Whatever.

    And Paul, never fear, you’re still floating around in the links… just up top, not down the side.

  5. Yeah, you think in a 2 bedroom apartment I didn’t have to do a lot of packing-up in between work sessions? Hah!

    Also…. I quilted my quilts myself on my own sewing machine; I just rolled up what I needed to to get it to fit and really reduced the tension on the sewing foot, and made really long stitches. Frank helped a bit with the guiding and making sure nothing got crumpled. It worked pretty well. I am far and away NOT a purist. I just wanted to make stuff where I got to choose my own fabrics and stuff, I wasn’t interested in doing the pretty quilt stitching as much as putting together the quilt top. Once I had the top put together and lovely I just wanted a usable finished product. 🙂

  6. You think I’m motivated enough to pack up in between work sessions if I don’t need to? Hah!

    I know I could. I just don’t want to enough, now. Knitting is still taking up enough of my consciousness, not to mention it’s to much more portable and contained.

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