Posted by: Kate | January 24, 2008

Messy Ponytail and Clean Socks

I stayed up too late last night.  First it was just to hang out with Gretchen and watch crap television; we had to reschedule our standing Monday night date this week, but DVR saved the day and provided plenty of mindless entertainment regardless of the calendar.  Then I pushed to try and finish my alpaca mitten; I’m within maybe an hour of being done, but forced myself to bed at 1:00.  Or so.

Normally, a late night means a slow start the next morning.  And I did hit the snooze button a bit more than usual.  But then I was roused with the gentle announcement from Willem, “Your son is throwing up.”  Fabulous.

It seemed to be an isolated incident, so we shuttled Emily off to school, Willem and Jacob stayed home as usual on Thursday mornings, and I went to staff meeting.  Which was just as horrible as ever; I find staff meetings more stressful than any other aspect of my job.  Which seems wrong, somehow.

Willem teaches a class at 11:00, and my staff meeting ends at 10:00, so we meet in the parking lot at my work to trade off Jacob.  Jacob and I drove home, made it just inside the door, when he decided to provide an encore presentation.  All over the playroom floor (carpeted), all over himself (I learned that the liners of his boots are removable), all over my jeans (apparently today is laundry day)… fabulous.  He had bananas and oatmeal for breakfast.  Know how I know?

So I’ve gone from looking somewhat put-together and semi-professional to having my hair slapped back in a ponytail, sweats and a t-shirt, and a generally frazzled appearance.  But my socks are clean, because they’re the second pair of the day.

Since we’re now housebound for the day, I’m left to ponder whether I would prefer to attend a staff meeting, complete with competing egos and interrupting and complaining and general angst (and that’s just from Curmudgeonly J) or to hang out with a gastrointestinally distressed toddler.  It’s a tough call.

I have to go with the toddler on this one.



  1. Awww — poor Jacob. But how kind of him to get you out of a staff meeting!

  2. Feel better, Jacob. Now if he’d only come to a staff meeting and vomit on CJ…

  3. Toddlers usually take a nap or two when feeling unwell. I’d vote toddler myself. 😉

  4. Good choice! I find dealing with my own sick children far preferable to dealing with the general public. I hope Jacob gets over his tummy bug quickly (and doesn’t pass it here… we’ve had enough crud this year!). 😉

  5. Oh no! I hope he feels better tonight!

  6. Hmmm…my Hubby uses those same words (“Your son”) when one of his spawn is spewing forth something undesirable as well.

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