Posted by: Kate | January 19, 2008

Mouseward Bound

Because the idea of getting pregnant, shopping for a new house and having Willem finish grad school doesn’t all seem like quite enough chaos in one year, we’ve decided to add a family vacation into the middle of it all, just for fun.  We’re aiming for the unimaginative and heading down to DisneyWorld in March, because the kids have never been there and it seems like about time.

I’d prefer to go to Disneyland, because I haven’t been there yet, but it’s about twice as expensive and harder to cram into a 5-day journey, so we’ll shelf that and do the Florida thing this time.  We’ve already got calendars on the wall for the kids to count down and keep track of their behavior, because I firmly believe that bribery has an important place in parenting.  Days with happy faces earn them a dollar of souvenir money; days with neutral faces earn nothin’; days with sad faces lose a dollar.  Way harsh, I know, especially since we’re hanging their calendars next to each other to foster some sibling rivalry in the process.

So we’ll do a couple of days at Disney, a day at Sea World, and a visit to the Kennedy Space Center.  The kids are mildly excited, in a vague, “55 days is SO far away” sort of sense.  I’m considerably more excited, because I know this might be our last vacation as a family-of-four and that’s pretty neat all by itself.



  1. Again, I’m so disappointed we’re on different school breaks!! That being said, our wall chart says, “48 days until our WD trip!!” My mental sign says, “49 days ’til Kate’s!!!” 🙂

  2. Yay for vacations! I need one, of the mental sort.

  3. You’ll love it. I promised ClareBear when she was in year 1 that if her school reports never had ‘could try harder’ on them, I’d take her to Disneyland. She was true to her goal and in 1995 we did the big trip (of course I threw Europe in for me, as my idea of a holiday wasn’t spinning in Tea Cups singing It’s a small world after all). We LOVED it. We did go to the LA version and Universal Studios as well but it was fantastic and I really didn’t expect to enjoy myself quite so much. I’m sure Florida will be a blast and you have the space centre thrown in! “ooooh spaaace”. Start saving!

  4. Very smart choice, I might say – go to Disney BEFORE a baby comes!!! That is why we went last summer (because we knew we were trying one more time for a baby – and once it came, Disneyland would be shelved for at least 3 more years).

  5. Oh oh oh! I am so jealous!!! You will have such a great time!

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  7. We’re going down in April. How fun!

  8. Cool 🙂 my parents live in florida, in fact we’re heading south the first week in march, the only difference is ours is a one way trip 🙂 will have to try to connect when you come down, My dad works at Silver Springs (famous for glass bottom boats) I know I can get you cheap/free tickets for there, if you’re interested 😀

  9. […] you know how I said we’re taking the kids to Florida in March? I’ve also been in negotiations with my mother to plan another mother-daughters trip, […]

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