Posted by: Kate | January 15, 2008

As if she Made Perfect Sense Before

I officially don’t understand Britney Spears.

I was going to write this whole post about how I could understand a lot of her behaviors – not agree with them or even empathize, but I could understand how she got from Point A to Point Weird – but that when she reached a point of losing her babies over it, and particularly when she didn’t show up for court to try and get them back yesterday, I stopped trying to understand at all. Clearly her priorities are different from mine, even in the basics; I don’t share her love of partying or her antipathy for underpants, but I could imagine those seeming appealing to someone else. But if I was on the verge of losing my kids, you’d have to pry me out of the courtroom with a crowbar and it wouldn’t be pretty. Not so Britney, who showed up and left yesterday without even entering the building.

But then I realized it was sounding a little too Dr. Phil, and I don’t want to go there, either.



  1. Not trying to defend her, but it wouldn’t be a three ring circus if you or I were in that situation. I don’t know what I’d do with all the media attention that was around that courthouse yesterday if I were her.

    But it’s her own fault they were all there.

  2. What blows my mind is that she’ll fight the hundreds of papparazos to go to STARBUCKS…but won’t fight them for her children? I just can’t say that I’d ever take a iced mocha over my child…

  3. I think this is so sad. It’s obvious that she is suffering from some serious mental issues that aren’t being helped by the constant media attention. I can’t come up with any other explanation.

    I’m not a big Britney fan (or even a little one), but this media circus just makes me think of coliseums and lions.

  4. She’s a piece of work, all right. Not all her fault, of course, but damn.

    (I’d actually love to hear your professional analysis of what you think is going on. I trust you way more than Dr. TeeVee.)

  5. What I wish is that the TV networks and magazines and newspapers would quit printing anything about her. I can’t stand to see her name in print anymore and when she shows up on TV, I change the channel.

  6. She really is a giant train wreck. I just saw a story that apparently she was prancing around a Betsey Johnson shop naked on Sunday, the day before the court hearing. I really think the girl is just looney tunes.

  7. Those poor kids don’t stand a chance. What a lost soul she is.

    And blech on Dr. Phil. Triple blech.

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