Posted by: Kate | January 14, 2008

Penis Truck 1, Kate 0

Since we’re on the topic of sports analogies, I can now officially remove anyone’s doubt about the outcome of a head-to-head (head-to-door?) contest between me and Willem’s new truck. It wins, decisively, though I’ll give it credit for not taunting me afterwards.

I was out shoveling the driveway this morning, because I can’t think of a single more logical thing than to follow a week of 60-degree weather with 12 inches of snow. I’m not a fan of shoveling, but it’s also not as horrifyingly annoying as raking leaves, so whatever. I fuel myself with hatred of my neighbor, who not only owns a snowblower but also clears out his entire yard. I can get quite creative with the mental insults when I’m barely finishing the snow-plowed pile of blech at the road and he has created smooth and pretty pathways between perfectly vertical walls of snow all the way around his house.

I was most of the way done, clearing out the snow on top of several inches of ice between the minivan and the Penis Truck, when I was suddenly horizontal. It was not one of those falls preceded by a comical waving of arms and scrambling of legs; I simply went from standing up to sprawled on my stomach with absolutely no transitional material.

I’m mostly fine. Except for the searing pain that begins in my lower back and radiates out to those standing too close to me every time I breathe too deeply or move just wrong. I gave serious consideration to going to the doctor, but I was able to get her on the phone instead and she talked me out of it; she agrees that it sounds like I have slipped a disc, but maybe it’s just a pinched nerve and the only way to tell is to wait it out a few days. If it still hurts in a week (a week!) we’ll consider an MRI, and if it still hurts in three months (!!!) then I’ll get a referral to an orthopedic surgeon. I’m really pulling for a pinched nerve here, because I slipped a disc in 2006 and it hurt. A lot. For a long time.

So, great fun around here. I’m waiting for Willem to return from the pharmacy with painkillers and muscle relaxants, and then I’ll be fun for the audience, I’m sure.



  1. Ouch! Big hugs, well gentle from a distance big hugs, but you get the picture. I hope its just a pulled nerve too.

  2. You have my sympathy. I slipped a disk about 13 years ago. It got better with therapy, but I still have back issues to this day. Nothing major, but it flares up every now and then. I hope it’s a pinched nerve for your sake.

  3. Owwwwie! Nothing like a little ice to put a big ol’ damper on your day. Gentle hugs to you, my friend.

  4. Oy. This is the first time I ever wished anyone a pinched nerve.

    Get better!

  5. […] therapy for my back on Thursday. As you may recall, in a stunning feat of grace and loveliness, I slipped and fell under Willem’s truck in early January. I’m not broken, but I’m not getting […]

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