Posted by: Kate | December 1, 2007

Jacob’s Car Hat Pattern

Since Merrymom asked, and ’tis the season, I thought I’d take a moment to stop knitting the car hats and write out the pattern. I know there are other patterns out there in a similar vein, but when I sat down and was ready to knit, I didn’t feel like searching for one… so, I went all renegade.

Jacob’s Car Hat

I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease because I know it washes well (I just had a bad experience with superwash-that-didn’t, after all).

Materials: Single balls of blue, green, gray, yellow, and red. (So far, a single ball in each color has made 4 hats, and there’s plenty for at least 2 more.)
Little car-shaped buttons. I found some at JoAnn and Michael’s, so they’re pretty readily available.
Size 5 DPNs.
Darning needle.

On size 5 DPNs, cast on 80 sts in green. Join and work 5 rounds (all stockinette). (When knitting in the round, I always cast on one more than the pattern calls for, spreading the sts evenly among the needles with the extra st at the end of the last DPN – then, at the end of the first round, I slip that extra st onto the first DPN and knit it together with the first st on that needle. This gets rid of the little divot that seems to form when I just cast on and join the correct number of stitches.)

Switch to gray, k 5 rounds.
Add in yellow, then work one round of *3 sts of yellow, 2 sts of grey, repeat from *.
Drop the yellow, k 5 more rounds of grey.
Switch to green, k 3 rounds.
Switch to blue, k approximately 12 rounds, more or less depending on the height you want. (On one hat, which I don’t have photos of yet, I used brown and green to make Fair Isle trees – CUTE, but too much extra time to let me do as many as I want.)

To decrease:
Dec Rnd 1: *k3, k2tog. Repeat from *.
Dec Rnd 2: k around.
Dec Rnd 3: *k2, k2tog. Repeat from *.
Switch to yellow.
Dec Rnd 4: k around.
Dec Rnd 5: *k1, k2tog. Repeat from *.
Dec Rnd 6: k around.
Dec Rnd 7: *k2 tog. Repeat from *.
16 sts remain. Cut yarn with approximately 9″ end, thread onto darning needle, and run through the remaining sts, pull tight and weave end inside hat. (For a more gradual decrease at the top, k around for 2 rounds each on the even Dec Rnds.)

At edge of yellow “sunshine” area, in color of your choice, pick up the right side of 4 knit “V’s” onto a DPN. With the top of the hat toward you, knit approximately 20 rows of I-cord. Then switch to garter stitch and knit back and forth for 12 rows. Bind off and sew red, yellow and green buttons on (this is different from what’s in the picture, too, but I like the look a lot better). I also put the child’s initials on the back side of the stoplight.

Weave in a ton of ends inside, sew the car buttons spaced out on the road, and viola! A car hat!



  1. I’ve only used DPNs for an I-cord. I’m not sure I’m comfortable enough for something like this. I have a cute hat pattern that utilizes just 2 straight needles and you sew it up on the back seam. It’s got a little roll brim too. Really cute.

    I love your example though and I’ve also never done intarsal (? – is that what it’s called when you switch colors)… Must consult “Stitch and Bitch”. LOL.

  2. “The red dog howls at midnight on the new moon.

    (I’m just trying to be cryptic, too.)”

    Sound familiar, Kate? This matches, no surpasses, my humble attempt. 😉

  3. :wave: Love the hat!

  4. I love love love the hat, but my dear friend that was greek to me. 😉

  5. Skipping all the knitting lingo that’s like a foreign language to this momma to just comment that I love Jacob’s deep dark chocolate eyes.

  6. ‘Sokay, one and all, the knitting lingo is a secret language. You learn it if you want to, and otherwise you just nod indulgently and wait for the next post…

    But thanks, I agree… a cute hat and a sweet boy. At least the photo makes the post not-quite-totally-worthless to the non-knitters of the world.

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  9. Hi, I’m new to knitting but love this pattern. So, questions – what weight of yarn is this? How many inches is the circumference of this hat? I’m wondering if it would fit my 3.5 year old who has a biggish head. I’d like him to be able to use it for a couple of years. If I cast on more stitches, should I also add a couple rows here and there to make it deeper?

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