Posted by: Kim | August 26, 2007

Is it or isn’t it?

Yawn….long day…sorry for the lateness of the post again…

The other day on my way to work, a local radio station was commenting on Stephon Marbury’s defense of Michael Vick and wanted to know what local callers thought: Is dog fighting just a sport like any other sport, or is it not?

Perhaps I should preface my comment with some thoughts about where I live.

  • It’s been called the “Reddest” state in the nation (and I don’t think I’m just talking necks here)
  • Last I heard, old Bushie still had a positive approval rating here (maybe the last place in the universe – but I can’t find stats to back this up, sorry)

Even given this, I’m listening to the radio waiting to hear people like ME (educated, employed, have all my teeth) call in to say, not only NO, dog fighting isn’t a sport, but HELL NO. Didn’t happen. The calls, while I could stand to listen, broke down something like this:

  • “Uuuuhhh….yeah, well, what about cage fighting? That’s like a sport or something…” (huh?)
  • “Well, if yer gonna eat all the parts of the animal you shoot, tha’s ok, ain’t it?” (wtf?)
  • “Those dogs aren’t like, pets, like, or anything, so like, I don’t see like, what’s wrong with it?” (from a FEMALE)

Luckily the DJs were about as flabbergasted by the ignorance of these callers as I was or I could probably never listen to that radio show again, but I didn’t make it thru any more calls. By this point, my brain was barely functioning enough to get me to work safely–I think my intelligence was decreased simply by entertaining the idea that people like this not only LIVE around me, but have the capability to dial the phone..who knows what else they might be capable of next. Oh wait, that’s right, they’re already running my state.

Come back soon, Kate! 🙂



  1. Baffles me at how stupid people can really be. I got nothing on this one…my jaw is still dropping.

  2. I still haven’t figured out the true depths of idiocy necessary for Mr. Vick to get involved in this situation in the first place; it’s not allowed, and he’s wicked famous (if I’ve heard of him, from the depths of my sports cluelessness, then he’s wicked famous), and people talk. And take pictures. And tell.

    And then you get people saying it’s not so bad, and I have to wonder about their own criminal records. How odd does our life have to be, for you to think that watching any living creatures tear each other apart is fun stuff?

    Odd enough that I’d just as soon you not come to my house for dinner, mmm-kay?

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