Posted by: mjb91 | August 23, 2007


So, apparently home is also where your enormous piles of pricless junk is, too. I spent almost exactly 10 hours cleaning my room today. Not the ‘put a bunch of stuff away, shove the rest under the bed and then hang out and read for a while’ kind of cleaning but the actual, ‘vacuum under the bed as well as the walls and ceiling of the closet to get rid of the cobwebs, sort through 11 years worth of school papers’ type of cleaning and I was amazed,yet again, about just how much useless stuff I had tucked away in the every single corner of one small room. I think it’s weird how even the most random stuff gets precious if you own it long enough. I said ‘who cares?’ a whole lot today, as in: “who cares that that bow has been hanging on my closet bar since the Lincoln administration, throw it out!” Seriously. A bow. Like the things that come on presents. That thing has been hanging in my closet since the beginning of time. Why? Because that’s where it goes. That’s just one example. Birthday cards and marbles and beads and receipts and drawings and half-filled notebooks. And so. many. coat hangers. Dozens and dozens of them. It boggles the imagination.

So, tomorrow I have those doctors appointments. One for breathing, one for muscles. The good part is, like Kate said, it should be pretty easy to tell if I fail those tests. “Yep. You’ve still got lungs, you’re good to go!” Should be a piece of cake. But anyway, the point is, if I don’t get a chance to post tomorrow than thanks for your audience! your turn, Kim!



  1. Mary, now that you’re done with your room, can you please come to Florida and do my house?

    Seriously, I have crap older than you are. Heck, I have crap older than Kate is.

    Best of luck on those appointments tomorrow. Have you ever just started twitching just to screw with the doctors a little? And your Mom? Fun stuff.

  2. huh. that’s funny – i had crap older than me too …. maybe it’s yours? : )

    i haven’t ever twitched just to freak my Mom and doctors out, though now that you mention it, it sounds like a good time…

    Mom and i did have the opprotunity to mess around with a nurse yesterday though. For my pulmnology appt. they strap this little thing with a red light on it to the end of one finger to test the percentage of O2 in my blood as part of their weight/height/bp check-in stuff. the nurse we had yesterday asked which finger i wanted it on, and i said i didn’t care, so my Mom suggested she put it on my nose. har har har. the nurse opted for my right thumb instead but, because my hands are small it didn’t read very well at first and she was getting some freakishly low readings and my Mom once again said that it would probably work better on my nose and the nurse was like “Really? Do you usually…no wait, you want me put this on her nose?” She completely believed my Mom. it was pretty funny.

  3. Poor gullible person.

    DID you put it on your nose?

  4. no, i don’t think my nose is long enough for that.

    but how cool would it be to have an opposable nose? that’d be awesome.

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