Posted by: mjb91 | August 23, 2007

Home is where your futon is.

Sarah left for college yesterday. This is her fourth year but her second away from home and last year she had nasty awful painful homesickness. But this year she seemed much more OK with things. She said she was “jittery but not terrified”, which is an improvement I’ll take any day of the week. Since she’s subletting an apartment this semester instead of staying in a dorm, she’s going to have to buy a futon which she didn’t really want to do because it seemed so college-y but she caved because it’s the best option, not to mention one of the cheapest. I guess I’d agree that a futon is the essense of college, right up there with Ramen noodles and beer pong but I think if she were to cover it up with home blankets and stuff she might not even notice it. So I’m knitting her a rug for her room (how cool is that?) and she brought a boatload of photos and drawings from Emily and Jacob, so I’d be willing to bet that her apartment will feel home-like enough before too long. That means the only problem left will be waiting for this house to feel home-like with no Sarah in it. Right now there’s a huge gaping void where her shampoo should be on the edge of the tub and her pillow on her bed and her cell phone in it’s charger and all her clothes in the laundry pile. But we will see her on Friday because I have a couple bi-annual doctor’s appointments (so much joy) pretty near to her college and we’ll be bringing her futon to her then. Happy college, Sarah!



  1. I hope Sarah has a wonderful year, and that you both feel at home quickly…

    Honestly, I was thrilled when my sister left for college. We fought every day from the day she hit puberty until she moved out. Twenty years later we are as close as two sisters can be, but I really enjoyed her living two states away. 🙂

  2. Aww, this post gave me happy tears. 🙂

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