Posted by: Wendy | August 18, 2007

A T-shirt I definitely WON’T be buying…

I ran across this article in my local paper, and I’m completely dumbfounded, and really, really pissed. I had heard about the crime shortly after it happened. A crime so heinous, so vicious, so damaging, so inconceivable before these cruel, evil, stupid boys made it the victims’ reality.

My mind just can’t wrap around how anyone can say these kids are “not that bad” and didn’t deserve to end up in jail. Really? Really?

I get how these kids are at a disadvantage before they are even born. How poverty and discrimination are rampant, and how difficult it is to break out of the cycle of drugs and broken families and violence. I do.

But where do we draw the line, as parents and as citizens? How much will we forgive, or pardon? Our community should pardon their crimes and free them because they had truly, horribly bad childhoods, because they hung with younger kids, and because they love their Moms? Because they were never given the opportunities most of us were? What message does that send to other children who grow up with these same heartaches and make the decision not to wreak misery upon their fellow man?

Would these friends of theirs feel the same way if it had been their mother and little brother that these boys violated?

I’m just so angry – at the accused, at their friends, the parents – even with the reporters who wrote this story. You just can’t humanize the inhumane.

There may very well be good qualities, even lovable things about these kids. I’m sure there are. I even have empathy for them and their families, and that this is what their lives will be defined by.

But that doesn’t outweigh their crimes. Not by a long shot.

I don’t want to understand or accept that in their world this behavior is “not that bad”. This is my world, too.


… Wendy



  1. How in the world can those animals be considered “not that bad”? Do these people that are saying that these are good kids realize WHAT they are accused of doing? Do they not realize that there is evidence pining some of them to the crime? DNA evidence? Reading that makes me sick to my stomache, and if I could figure out how to post a comment to the newspaper I would.

  2. Nothing excuses their behavior. Nothing.

  3. This is where I usually scream an eye for an eye. But in light of their actions, I’ll humble myself and just say that death would be a fitting end to the multiple attackers, you may think the death penalty is a bit harsh…. when it comes right down to it. I don’t. There is a line that rational human beings don’t cross no matter what age they are, these animals stepped incredibly far over it. There’s no reason to even think of rehabilitation, they’ll be institutionalized by the time they see their first parole hearing and probably (read definitely) more demented and haneous criminals after their 1st year in the penn. If they make it that long. Give them the jury trial, let their peers send them away and charge them as adults. I feel deeply for the victims, they’ll be living in fear for the remainder of their lives. [or…give the woman and her son a blow torch and some pliers]

  4. My heart aches for the victims, those memories lasts longer than any should. I hope they both have help in place, and all my positive thoughts in their direction.

  5. So I wanted to throw up after reading that….you can choose to be a product of your environment. It’s not what makes you who you are.

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