Posted by: Kate | March 7, 2007

My Social Conscience is Warring with my Taste Buds

I’m going to feel really guilty in a few more weeks.

Because my favorite, seriously favorite, even more than Cadbury Cream Eggs, touch-yourself-good, Easter treat are the Snickers Easter Eggs (which I can’t find online – a shame, truly, though on second thought, anything that helps prevent me from licking my monitor is probably a good thing). I don’t know what about them is different from Snickers bars, but Oh. My. God.

And now, given the recent state of affairs in Snickers’ advertising department, I’m going to feel guilty, because I really really like those eggs and I really really hate the Snickers commercials.


First, there was the infamous Homophobia Superbowl Ad.

Which didn’t tickle my fancy, but whatever. Everyone has a lapse in judgment. I could see why people found it funny, and I could see why lots more people found it offensive, and no big deal. I don’t buy candy bars much during the year, so it wasn’t going to be a life-changing event in any way.

But then there came this one. Let’s call it the Gratuitous Violence Toward People of Different Colors Ad.

There is just so much wrong here, most of which is encapsulated within my title for the ad. But also… sorry, maybe I’m just dense, but how, exactly, does this make me more prone to biting into a chocolate/caramel/peanuts/nougat concoction?

No, seriously, don’t just nod along. HOW?

Argh. You know I’ll have to buy the Snickers eggs, because in a battle between my morals and my gluttony the outcome is foreordained. But the experience will be tainted.



  1. When I was in 8th grade I remember being in homeroom and doint the Pledge of Allegiance. The boys in my class liked to change the words. One day somehwew in the middle of hockey season they kicked “…with liberty and justice for all,” to the curb and instead yelled, “with liberty and justice FOR THE ISLANDERS!!!!!”.

    I distinctly remember sitting back down and thinking to myself, “and THESE morons are going to be running the world some day? We are in BIG trouble.”

    So, Kate, the only thing I can think of is that Marc W, Vinnie U and the rest of the guys from my 8th grade homeroom are running things at that ad agency and/or Mars, Inc.

  2. …”touch-yourself good…” Best. Phrase. Ever.

    STILL laughing!

  3. LOL, I feel the same way about Reece’s peanut butter cups.

  4. I know I posted that on my blog. I’m so glad you left the comment you did. Sometimes I’m so superficial I don’t look beneath the top layer. I now agree with you.

  5. WTF was that? I’m sorry – a most horrible commercial. The gay one I had seen before and was slightly bemused.

    I’ve decided that we are pretty much guilty eating or buying anything – because EVERY single company has done something horrible somewhere in the world. So, just buy the damn Snickers egg and enjoy it!

  6. Oh those eggs are SOOOO good. And so NOT the snickers bars which I can generally walk past without a second thought. Peanut butter eggs/trees (at christmas) are much the same.

    And I hadn’t made the lofty connection. Sigh. Now I have.

  7. What the hell was that???? Horrible commercial. Vile, really.

    Now I remember why I DVR everything and skip the commercials.

  8. Hmm. That first one just seemed dumb. I can put on my 7th grader hat sometimes and laugh at stupid gay jokes, but that commercial was just too unsubtle.

    The second one left me disappointed. The idea of those red and green people coming to life is cool. They could have done so many cool things with them. Dance, party, whatever. Instead they choose to fight. Bah.

    Haven’t tried the snickers eggs. I’ve started a 2 sweets a month kick. Maybe I’ll get one for the 2nd half of this month.

  9. I just saw this for the first time. I’m speechless….horrified.

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