Posted by: Kate | February 17, 2007

Britney…. Krenwinkel?

I feel bad for Britney Spears, I really do. How easy can her life be, and how much worse is it to know that it’s all her own fault? I feel worse for her boys, because who needs that kind of chaos before they’ve taken their first steps?

But her latest ‘do has solidified a vague suspicion I’ve been entertaining for a while.
Britney Spears…

From and KABC

Manson girls at trial…

from various news sources

Now, I’m not trying to imply that Britney brutally slaughtered anyone, or is following Charles Manson, or even realizes that Charles Manson and Marilyn Manson are not actually closely related. Just that she seems so lost and confused and malleable, that the only thing that would truly shock me would be if she were to stand up, get her life together, and lead a confident, un-insane lifestyle.

Edited to correct the name… I had my Manson girls mixed up. Linda Kasabian never shaved her head, Patricia Krenwinkel did. I’m so ashamed of myself.



  1. I saw this earlier and almost felt sorry for her. I do, actually, feel sorry for those two babies. I wish someone that cares for her would step in and clean up this mess she has made for herself. I remember when she was just a precious little thing from just east of where I grew up. Sheesh.

    Money don’t buy class, does it?

  2. What a sad, lost little girl.

  3. See, I thought she looked more like she might tear up a picture of the pope on national TV.

    She does make me realize that being normal and relatively well-adjusted is quite a luxury in the grand scheme of things.

  4. Come’on, Maw…Twiggy Spears dun gots a good ring to’un it

  5. I’m not sure what more can be said about Britney Spears that hasn’t already been said – she’s just lost it.

    Nice blog, btw.

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