Posted by: Kate | February 16, 2007

Coinage of the Dental Sprite

I could give you far to much information about my past few days, but it can be summed up by this morning’s shopping trip: I had to choose a self-checkout grocery store so that I didn’t have to struggle with the embarrassing eye contact while purchasing certain embarrassing products which I was masking with a large package of paper plates and a 12-pack of soda. Just… well, any sort of Preparation, and I don’t care what letter it is, is not my favorite thing to shop for. Nor are those little tiny Band-Aid looking things for plantar’s warts that I just paid my doctor a $20 copay to tell me to go buy for myself and then cover with duct tape. I have spent money happier on trips to the dentist.

Speaking of which, I also got to take Emily to the dentist this morning. I tell you what, nothing says “Mother of the Year” like bringing your kid to have a molar extracted because it’s got an abscess and chronic infection, in her head, near her brain. While there, in the room with Emily, I got a call from Willem, and I suddenly remembered that the Tooth Fairy in my house brings Sacagawea dollars but I wasn’t sure that I had any of those laying around the house. So I asked, “Hey, on your way home, can you stop at the bank and get –” whoops, she’s right there! Don’t ruin the Tooth Fairy myth already! “… uh… get some coinage of the Dental Sprite.”


Husband activates mental thesaurus.

Continued silence. Then – “Oh! Right! Coinage of the Dental Sprite! Got it!”

So the myth can continue. What a relief.



  1. I do Sacajawea dollars too! I was out at 11:30pm a few weeks ago running to the post office in a foreign town looking for a stamp vending machine to get a gold dollar. Only had a $20 bill. Bought one 39¢ stamp, got an assortment of 19 Susan B. and Sacajawea dollars back. Good thing I have a lot more kids with baby teeth.

    I hope Emily is ok. And that you get everything, uh, prepared properly.

  2. Turns out she got them backwards. She’s been sliding all over the bare floors, and I can’t find the duct tape.

  3. Boys are gross. I can’t believe I married one.

  4. I think, at some point, my parents stopped giving coins or money and started giving toys. “Oh yay, the tooth fairy left me a Transformer!” Sounds like cool parents, but I think my mom had a small stockpile of extra toys in case of an emergency some-kid-in-your-class-just-invited-all-the-other-kids-to-his-birthday-at-the-last-minute party, so it’s probably more lazy than anything.

    Anyhow, glad to hear that Emily no longer has an infection near her brain. Sorry about your Preparation. Could be worse – you could confuse it with toothpaste (whistle away!).

  5. OMG, I spit out my Crystal Light at Willem’s response.

    Now I have to clean my monitor screen.

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