Posted by: Kate | February 2, 2007


My coworker MB just had a baby a few weeks ago, so she’s on maternity leave. I’m not in the least tiny bit jealous. Not at all. Not even a little.

According to the printed schedule here, she’ll be returning at the end of March, beginning of April sometime. I have my doubts. But for the moment, we (read: Supervisor N) are operating as though she’ll be back, and are just filling in her regular shifts with overtime and per diem hours instead of searching for a new employee. Which has been good for my paycheck, with a guaranteed 9-10 hours of overtime a week, but it’s also an extra 9-10 hours of work a week. Whatever, I’m coping, it’s paying for a new bathroom and a trip to Paris.

The extra time I’m working is on Mondays. The other day MB worked, Friday, is already a regular day for me, so the other adjustment is that now the other person working with me on Friday changes. Most weeks, so far, it’s been S, who seems nice but distant and reserved. Fair enough. This week, I get Sanctimonious P. It’s been a treat so far, and I’ve only been here two and a half hours.

I don’t know him especially well – this is the longest I’ve ever been in his presence. Normally he works the overnight shift, so I see him at staff meetings and that’s about it. He’s one of that delightful breed that may not even realize that he’s sanctimonious; he simply thinks there’s something wrong with the whole wide world in reference to himself, and if we could all just rise to his level (although, [insert sympathetic head tilt] clearly such lofty aspirations would only meet with failure and disappointment) then we would all be happier, healthier, smarter and richer.


Meanwhile I’m sitting here wiggling like a 9-year-old with ADHD on crack, because my left hip is killing me. I had bursitis in both hips when I was 14ish, which had pretty much faded away by the time I was 20. Now apparently it’s flaring up, which is just ever-so-delightful. I’ve already gotten several ideas from Sanctimonious P on how to make it better – not because he has any experience in the matter, mind you. Just because he knows better than me. About everything.


  1. Ouch – Bursitis. My hubby had that in his arm. He had to ice it for 15 minutes every 2 hours (like that was easy to do at work. Good luck with that.

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