Posted by: Kate | February 2, 2007

Brave New Rodent

Oh, yeah, and to pass on an age-old tradition, my mother called me this morning to report that Punxatawney Phil, the Groundhog of Note, did not see his shadow, and therefore… whatever that means. My mom seemed excited about it, so I think that means an early spring.

I remember in college feeling like my mother was calling me at the veritable butt-crack of dawn to report on the movements of some random rat and its irrelevancy to the actual weather patterns. Now I still have no faith in the rodent’s ability to predict when it will next pass gas, much less forecast the vagaries of the Jet Stream, but 8:00 phone calls don’t seem so unreasonable.



  1. Let us all pray that Phil knows what he’s talking about just this once because I am sick of this winter and ready for spring. I’m with your Mom and would have called all my kin with the good news at the crack of dawn this morning if only I hadn’t been still in bed, avoiding reality.

  2. Early spring here too. Evan’s friend’s father is the person responsible for waking up the local groundhog – with bagpipes!! Makes a phone call seem much more reasonable… ;-D

  3. Maybe because we don’t have them here, but the whole groundhog deal has always seemed downright silly to me. Don’t look now but the first day of spring is roughly 6 weeks off anyway. Here in Texas, despite this year’s unusually cold temps and nassssty snow/ice activity, the grass in my yard is already green, the trees are beginning to bud & my hyacinths and daffodils will be blooming by Valentine’s day. I’m ready for those 100+ degree days when we spend afternoons lounging poolside and the only thing frozen around here are the margaritas.

  4. Julie, wait just a second. Staying in bed helps one to avoid reality? I really need to look into this.

    Annie, be careful what information you volunteer… I told my mother that you’ve got an “in” with a Canadian groundhog and now she’s thinking of a trip northward next year…

    And Dr. Sharna, I would be happy to Fed Ex you a whole flock of groundhogs if that would somehow make the whole phenomenon more sensible to you.

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