Posted by: Kate | January 17, 2007

I Was Here First

Recently, it has come to my attention that there’s a movie coming out “soon.” I don’t know how soon, because the hit counters don’t tell me the answers when people type in questions for searches. Questions like, “When does the movie Because I Said So come out?”

Sigh. I was here first. I had this title before I knew that such a movie was happening. I’m sure that the movie was in production before I changed the name of the blog, because the name change was, what, three or four months ago? More recently than a movie would come out… but it wasn’t advertised yet, as of then.

Sigh. But I feel like a plagiarizing, unoriginal, me-too’ing copycat. So do I change the name again, or wait for the movie to blow over? I was considering, in honor of the upcoming Parisian adventures, calling it C’est la Kate but… I dunno.

I’m flaky today. Got any opinions?


  1. Kate, Kate, Kate. Who cares, my dear?

    Keep the name if you want it. There’s no way the movie could be as entertaining as your Blog.

    Take 2 Margaritas and call me in the morning.

  2. I agree with Wendy –

    My sister named her baby, Evelyn, after our grandmother. Six months later, a movie came out called: Evelyn, starring Pierce Brosnan. My sister was pissed.

    I know a couple (fleeting friends) who had twins and named them Will and Grace – you guessed it, 8 months later, guess which tv show started showing. ACK-

    The list goes on.

  3. Of course do what you want. Who cares about moviegoers and their confusion!

    But I do like the c’est la kate idea if you decide to switch.

  4. I’m still coming back for more no matter what the decision is. If you want a super witty something or other to adorn the blog…may I suggest looking into purchasing the book. “The Art of Looking Sideways”. I’ve managed to get through have of the ginormous reading…and would venture a guess that there are a bazillion famous quotes, sayings, and tidbits to suit anything. A ready-made source for intelliectual plagarism. It’s also quite visually stimulating “in a design /graphic/ aesthetic sort of way, not in a gutter/trash novel way.

  5. Here’s the worst part, It stars Diane Keaton!!

    Check out the link

  6. I saw it on a commercial the other night and thought of you. :o)

  7. Leave it, because you were here first, and well you are better than any lame movie any day! :kiss:

  8. Oh, GAWD, Nili, NOT THAT. ANYthing but Diane Keaton. Actually, I have nothing against her, but I’m trying to be as cool as you. Every day, really.

    Thanks to y’all, I think I’ll keep the title. Too much effort to change it. I was here, and the movie will be gone, I’ll leave my name to carry on…

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