Posted by: Kate | January 16, 2007

Reluctant Confessions

I have two confessions… things I’d rather were not part of my daily existence, but they are. We all need flaws, right?

Right. So, the first thing… I love my new office. Love it. Really. I have a window, with stuff going on; my old office overlooked an alley. Sometimes there was a truck parked there. I have natural light as long as the sun is willing to cooperate; the buildings next door caused sunset at about 2:00 in the afternoon at the other office. The building has character; the old one was prefab and bland. It’s downtown in one of those fabulous old New England port towns, so I can walk to a dozen different restaurants, cafes, bookstores, parks, and – wonder of wonders – a nice, non-chain high-end yarn store. I would love to live here, and our next house will be in a town similar to this (all relevant husbands take notice).

This is sort of a surprise to me, because my old office was 2.7 miles from my house, and this one is about 10 miles away. More commute means earlier leaving and later returning, farther away from my kids during the day, can’t pop home for lunch. But it’s not THAT much longer…

…and this brings us to the second confession of the morning. Remember my iPod of Satan? Well, I’ve come over to the dark side. There are still things about it I don’t know how to do, kinks I need to work out, but being able to drive to work and listening to music instead of the half-assed lame humor of FM DJ’s, well, that makes the whole commute thing kind of, dare I say, nice. Pleasant. Gives me a little time to transition out of Work Mode and into Home Mode.

So, there you have it. My flaws of today. Can’t wait to see which new ones pop up tomorrow. I bet Willem could tell you plenty… but he won’t join the blog, so that will remain our little secret(s).



  1. Check out for custom iPod cases. Pick your colors and have fun! My iPod is now protected by a lime green case with a bright yellow band. You have to move the band over a bit to get to the lock button and the bottom adapter, but it’s well worth it for the safety and “coolness” it brings to your iPod. 🙂

  2. Welcome to the cult of iPod, Kate. Now that you’re hooked, the addiction only worsens. I hope you have a line-in jack in your car. Muuuahahahaaaa!

  3. Considering that this was one of the last Sunday Confessionals that I did, I think you are doing okay!

  4. Why is it a flaw to find pleasure in your daily grind? I think it’s a healthy outlook to enjoy the required journey to the required job.

  5. Flaws? THOSE are your flaws?


  6. Do you people not recognize sarcasm when it’s oozing out of my pores? Jeez. 😉

    I know, they’re lame bad flaws, but I really wanted NOT to like my iPod or my new office. I wanted to hate work just like everyone else, and hate the iPod on principle because my mother-in-law gave it to me. Ah, well.

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