Posted by: Kate | January 2, 2007

Speaking of Mothers-in-Law…

Willem’s birth mother has been back in touch again. It’s been tentative and emotional on both sides, but I think it’s going well. At least, Willem’s handling it with sensitivity and she seems to recognize that she’s not the only one in all sorts of wild and crazy turmoil over this. They each care about each other, and even if nothing else ever develops from that relationship, I think that’s a huge, important thing for them both to know.

I don’t, actually, have very much to say about it all, because it’s so new and shaky and uncertain, but stay tuned. I have my suspicions that there’s going to be some cosmic parallels between surrogacy and adoption coming up this year…



  1. Wow, talk about cosmic balance.

    You have such strong healthy vibrant Karma. Work it baby!

  2. I am really hoping for a positive outcome for everyone involved.

  3. I’m a birth-mother, but most often you tend to run into situations that are negative. Or at least they are the ones that get talked about. Then again we have an open adoption and I’ve been in my son’s life from the beginning. At any rate, it’s a hard situation and I sympethize.

  4. It is a hard line to navigate… but so far it’s good. We were talking (for hours) last night about how Willem’s sort of playing “Who Wants to Be My Mother” with this woman… not in a bargaining-and-negotiating sense, but you know how once you make it a certain point into that game, you’re guaranteed a certain minimum prize? That’s where he’s at now. If she were to disappear forever today, he would at least know that she cared and meant well, and that’s a big deal. He may or may not win the million-dollar prize (and who knows if he actually WANTS to… or what that would even look like) but no one can take this much away now.

    Babblebabblebabble… see what 5 hours of sleep does to me?

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