Posted by: Kate | November 13, 2006

S/He Once Was Lost, But Now Is Found

I think my friends give me credit for using more diminutives than I actually willingly use. Because last week, Jacob lost his stuffed cat, which is his favorite (though not as much a favorite as Emily’s Larry Monkey, who could more accurately be termed as my second child, given the amount of time I’ve spent looking for that damn thing). He named the cat, in a burst of creativity, Kitty.

I mentioned to people, trying to be melodramatic and amusing, and apparently falling short on both counts, that “We can’t find Kitty, I just don’t know what we’ll do.” And then it promptly fell out of my head – I would look once in a while but was operating on the assumption that since Kitty (who is still, by the way, androgynous) had not left the house since last visual contact, and it was unlikely that Kitty was going to become mobile anytime soon (s/he’s not THAT grungy), then eventually Kitty would turn up someplace odd.

Imagine, then, my befuddlement on Saturday, when a friend called specifically to ask whether I had found Kitty yet. “No, not yet, but Jacob seems to be doing fine without, so far.”
“Well, did you post signs in the neighborhood or anything?”
“Um… no. I don’t think that’ll help. Stuffed animals don’t tend to come when called, anyway.”
“Oh! You don’t mean YOUR cat, you mean a toy!”

Hee hee… yeah. Sorry for the confusion, and I appreciate the concern, even if misdirected.

So last night, Willem was folding laundry and went on a brief search for refugee socks, and when he reached behind my enormous piggy bank… well, just look:

We had looked back there before, because the short people in my house have been known to play back behind there when they think they can get away with it, but apparently overlooked Kitty. Because, as Willem remarked, “It’s not like the pig has a functional butt.”



  1. We have a Kitty too! Well, not exactly the same one. Our Kitty is white with a pink heart on its belly. But it is named Kitty and is an important member of the family. So important that we have 3 so they can be washed and lost and we will always have one on hand (although Beck thinks they are one and the same)! Glad you found him. Or her.

  2. YAY for finding Kitty!!! Lol at Willem’s reaction…

  3. WHEW! – at least Kitty wasn’t dirty from his pig adventure.

    My son lost his kitty, “Whiskers” for about a month. We had finally gotten past the entire drama about it when – Lo and Behold, Whiskers was found in the Bionicle toybin, which hadn’t been played with in a month.

    Why is it the last place you always look? 🙂

  4. Blogger keeps eating my comment. ME = ANNOYED.

    It went something like:
    “Yay for finding Kitty.
    We had something similar happen once.”

    Except imagine that being longer and more entertaining, okay?

  5. Not to mention that I had spread news of your kittylessness amongst some of our friends…

    Really, aren’t there other words you couldhave used besides kitty?

  6. Ah, see, but Wendy, most of the time I use the shift key just like I’m using real words instead of all-lower-case… and I know that when I talked about Kitty I used a capital-K.

    The only terms of endearment I have for my living-breathing cat are along the lines of “doofus” and “bozo.” I’ll be sure to specify in terms of bodily functions if we ever lose Sabrina. 😉

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