Posted by: Kate | September 15, 2006

If Only He Had a Morning Talk Radio Show

I enjoy crime documentary-type shows, non-fiction in nature and NOT with re-enactments (why bother having a re-enactment if your actors are so horrible that you have to wonder if they’re partly robotic?). American Justice, The Investigators, that sort of thing. Bill Kurtis narrates a lot of these types of shows. So, over the years, especially since I’ve had DVR (which is back in my good graces after a week of not misbehaving), I’ve watched a lot of these shows, and have grown deeply fond of Bill.

Bill could narrate a bowl of Cheerios and I would listen, rapt and enthralled. “And then she took out a spoon, and laid it down next to the bowl.”


  1. agreed, i love these shows as well!

  2. […] and seamy (ha!) world of Project Runway. I’d never watched it before, but my normal regime of Bill-Kurtis-narrated mean-people-doing-bad-things shows makes Sarah jumpy and wide-eyed, so we’re branching out. […]

  3. […] even get me started on my former addiction to game shows; between the Game Show Network and Bill Kurtis-narrated shows, I could conceivably not leave the couch for a month, were it not for vague annoyances like […]

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